This is one of my most favorite pictures. About a year and a half ago, we were on tour with Audio Adrenaline. It was their last tour actually, and both bands were given these little off road scooters. That was the greatest tour ever! We would scoot all day, break long enough to do the show, and then scoot into the night.

There is nothing more intimidating than when twelve guys in leather jackets roll up to a stop light on 49cc scooters. LOOK OUT! Man what great memories. We still take our scooters with us, but it will never be the same without Audio A by our side. Turning off our ignition at stop signs, running us off the road, convincing us these scooters can make it up pikes peak and promising us that, as long as we stay on the cart path, driving through a golf course at night is not illegal are just a few reasons why we will miss Audio Adrenaline and also why we can no longer play golf in San Antonio…kidding of course.