For those that don’t know, I live in Greenville, TX. I was born and raised here and it certainly holds a special place in by heart, but let’s face it, it is not one of the prettier places on earth. Now Greenville, South Carolina is a different story. We played there a few days ago and I had know idea how awesome this town is. There is a waterfall right in the middle of downtown that is gorgeous! Not to mention that downtown itself is awesome with or without the waterfall.

But what made this place majestic was its minor league baseball park. Home of the Greenville Drive. Man I was in heaven! They just built a new stadium to look like a little Fenway park. My dream in life is to have a minor league team in my hometown with a killer ballpark, so I was going nuts at this stadium. A guy in the front office was kind enough to let us check out the whole place. It was a good day.

So if anyone reads this and has several million to blow on a minor league team, give me a shout.