So this last weekend was the 1st time my 3 year old son Ben came out on the road with me all by himself….no mommy, no baby sister. This was basically his potty training bribe….”if you can go all by yourself, you can come on the bus w/ daddy!!!” It was the greatest weekend of touring EVER!!! most tiring too…2 people don’t fit in a bus bunk together very well, especially if one of them is scared he might crush the other one! The weekend was full of trips to the zoo in Jacksonville, riding the scooter all over the parking lot in Mobile, and of course, playing with Lightning McQueen in every dressing room we visited. One of the best times was had in Mobile, Al. We were on a college campus that had a football field and track right next to the bus lot. So I thought I’d share a little home video of Ben’s 40 yd dash debut!!!!!