So I’ve had the question from a bunch of people, “How come you haven’t written anything on the blog yet?” Well I was trying to think of some good reasons. Here’s a few that I came up with…. I was ice fishing in northern Alaska. I was working part time on a city zoning commission in Tightwad, Missouri. I was working as a lifeguard on the white beaches of Peru, and finally I was handmaking crocheted baby shoes in the country of Liechtenstein. Ok so I know the last one is a stretch because anyone that knows me knows I much prefer cross stitch to crocheting.

Ok ok….. what I’ve really been busy doing is starting a small photography studio. No I am not leaving MercyMe. It’s just something that went from being a hobby to people asking me to shoot their families etc. So I thought I would show a few to you. Really I want to show a few of my boys so I can brag on them. The older one is Riley and the younger one is Jack. I’m sure someday I’ll get punched in the arm when they realize I’ve shown everyone their pictures! Enjoy.