So for Audio Adrenaline’s last concert in Hawaii, I wanted to do some small gesture to honor our “fallen comrades.” (More like retirees really!!!) So in my own little way I decided I would don a mohawk to honor Will. If any of you have ever seen Audio A, you know he had some HUGE Mohawks in his time. Our own Robby Shaffer has been sporting a large hawk of his own for almost a year now. Mine was nowhere near the level of hawk as these 2 guys. Mine was a last minute ode de Will, and with no time to build up to it, was a mere 2 inches tall. It should have been called a minihawk.

Well I’m not really a minihawk kind of guy so as soon as the show was over, I took the clippers to my head and buzzed it. It’s been 27 years since I’d buzzed my head and I’d forgotten the freedom that comes with not having to style ones hair. So for the rest of the summer and fall, I’ve been a clean cut version of my younger self. Through our winter break however I got lazy, or bored and decided to let it grow out again. Well after spending more than 17 sec. per night fixing my hair I realized I HAD to go back to the buzz.

So right before we left for the KLove cruise last week, I buzzed it all off again. Here’s where the story gets good. I finished up and removed the guard from the clippers and asked my lovely wife, Abby, to clean up my neck.

Let me preface this next part with, it was about 1am, and Abby doesn’t function well past 9pm. She went straight for my hairline and instantly let out a big ol’…”OOOPS!!!!! I’M SORRY!!!!!” Needless to say, there was no going back other than to trim up the mistake or shave it bald. Since I was heading to a cruise, I figured that the mexican riviera was not the place to go for my Powder impression, so….here it is….my new haircut.