wikipedia-logo-altobelli-730281.jpgPeople will email me some pretty random stuff about MercyMe. Whether it’s rumors of Jim leaving the band to race in NASCAR or little nuggets of useless information about Nathan’s samurai sword collection. Or maybe it’s Mike’s new haircut, or Robby’s singing career. Whatever the case may be, I enjoy the random and sometimes untrue stories about MercyMe that surface on the world wide interweb.

So here is the latest thing I’ve received. Come to find out I am officially famous in my hometown of Greenville,TX!

Well, well, well… looks like my ship has finally come in. Granted this info came from Wikipedia where anyone with the ability to type can add their two cents about pretty much anything. But hey! Somebody out there thinks I’m Mr. Big Time! Kidding of course.

I would, however, like to thank God…without Him none of this is possible.

Also…um…sorry I get so nervous standing up here…I wanna thank the rest of the guys in MercyMe. Even though all of you, but Robby, live in the Greenville area, please refer to me as “Mr. Greenville.”

Plus I would like to thank….don’t play the ending music yet…I’M NOT FINISHED! Oh gosh there are so many to thank, but apparently I have run out of time. But, really fast, let me thank the academy of Wikipedia…if it weren’t for you…we would not have a place to grow and nurish our rumors and gossip until that day when they look so “official” that we accept them as “fact.”

Thank you Wikipedia…thank you and the horse you rode in on.

Famous residents of Greenville,Tx according to
Audie Murphy, the most decorated American soldier of World War II, spent many of his early years in Greenville.
Monty Stratton, a famous major league baseball pitcher from the 1930s.
Robert Neyland, Hall of Fame football coach at Tennessee and decorated officer in the U.S. Army .
Ben Kweller, American rock musicianWade Wilson, Former NFL and Dallas Cowboys quarterback.
Bart Millard, Lead singer of the contemporary Christian band MercyMe.