superbowl-42-logo.jpgUsually about this day every year, I have a few friends over to eat food and watch the game. More importantly to watch the commercials. Well since the invention of a thing called “TIVO”, my sports watching has changed. I like to start watching whatever sporting event it is about an hour past when it starts. This way I am able to watch the game, fast forward through the commercials and still catch up to real time around the time the game is actually finished. It cuts my watching time in half and I dont risk someone telling me the outcome before I get there. Here in lies my dilemma.

1. Do I Tivo the game so that I can cut my watching in half, but then miss the greatness of the commercials?

2. Do I Tivo the game and fast forward through the game to get to the commercials, which also cuts the watching time in half? (I really dont care about the teams playing)

3. I watch it real time and forget about the Tivo?

Anyway you look at it, I think the Super Bowl Wins. The TIVO, as great as it is, has no solutions to the biggest sporting event of the year.

My prediction…..
Giants 17 – Patriots 35