So last week in our 3 days off, Abby scheduled us to have a little family photo shoot. The kiddos are 3 and 2, and we just wanted to have some pictures of them at this age. She heard about this new photographer here in Greenville that has quite a reputation. He’s our own Jimmy Bryson. That’s right folks…our keyboard player is moonlighting as a photographer these days.

The deal is…He’s REALLY good. So from 10am till about 4pm we hung out and tried our best to entertain Ben and Millie. Ben was mostly entertained by Thomas and his Friends…(they’re 2 they’re 4 they’re 6 they’re 8….) Both kids did great, but Millie is at home in front of the camera…the girl is a DIVA!!!!
Here’s one of my favorite pics of the day….hope you enjoy it.