Let me tell you what I truly love in life… flying.

I love getting up so early in the morning that it is still dark out and driving an hour to the airport. I love stripping down at the security checkpoint only to have the metal detector still go off because of the dang foil gum wrapper in my pocket. I love crowded flights. And if everything goes just right, like today, then I get to experience my favorite thing of all. The middle seat.

You know the one where trying to use the armrest actually offends the people next to you. What is the rule with that by the way? Who truly gets the rights to the armrest? A man of my size can only rest his elbows on his stomach for so long. Today’s flight was extra special because the guy in front of me decided to recline the whole trip. I am actually resting my chin on the seat in front of me while I type this.

Oh wait…the person in the window seat next to me needs to potty. Be right back. Ok where was I? Oh yeah…flying. Praise God we are landing! Sorry to cut this short, but I am out like a scout on a new route!!!



Ps. Flying is awesome!!!!