7334554_75e99fcef4.jpgHave you ever gone to church and your pastor ushered you somewhere with his message that left you scratching your head?

He’s not really confusing, just sometimes I hit an information overload. Kind of feels like when you are running late to the movies and you have to take the dreaded front row seats. You know the ones where you actually have to turn your head back and forth to try and take it all in. But more times than not your headache sets in before the plot of the movie does. All this to say tonight was one of those nights at church. My pastor is quite amazing to watch. This man has the ability to find passages of scripture that the normal person may simply skim through. Not only does he find them he will feast on them like a big ol’ fat steak. And because of that, the church body is developing a pretty hearty appetite as well. And tonight was no exception.

We are always encouraged to take these teachings into our everyday lives, but for me it is a little bit different. Mainly because of what i do in MercyMe. I don’t consider myself a preacher but rather that guy that shares moments between our songs. It would be hard to relay the message for a couple of reasons: A) If I tried to relay what I am feasting on at my home church, it would take so much time, I would be lucky to get one song in. B) It simply could not be done in one night during an hour and fifteen minute set.

So how do I take what I am feeding on at my home church and relay the message to all the people that come to hear MercyMe? Well I am not sure if this is the right way, but it is certainly one way of doing it. Whenever my pastor preaches, it is as if he is painting a huge mural where every stroke of the brush is working towards something much bigger, but sometimes the mural is so big, so overwhelming that, to take it all in, is near impossible. But i think what makes a good painting a masterpiece is when you find something within the art that calls to you. Whether it’s the boat on the sunset you may have missed the first time you looked, or the “what was running through her mind” smirk on an otherwise “simple” Mona Lisa. There is just something there that keeps you coming back. Well tonight, while Ben was preaching, I was just about to go cross eyed with data overload, then like a beacon in the night, something was said that has kept me awake late enough to be writing this blog.

It may not be much to you, but this little nugget had perfect timing for my life right now. Are you ready to hear it? Ok brace yourselves! The rain falls on the just and the unjust. That’s it! We have this mentality that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people, and unfortunately there are some mighty big churches that bank on this theory. It’s a pretty simple truth really. Bad things can and probably will happen to good people. Just read Job. Also good things can happen to bad people. Just read the rest of the old testament. Or better yet…if you are reading this and have a relationship with Christ, then you are a great example of good things happening to bad people. There was nothing good about us before Christ. To think that the rain only comes to those who are considered unjust is a scary place to be if you are one justified in Christ. Because the rain will come whether you believe it or not. And doubt will set in because “this was not supposed to happen to me unless I am really one of the unjust!?!” Here’s a thought, maybe it is not about us at all! Maybe, just maybe, it is more about God getting His Glory at all cost. Maybe God is at the helm of every storm that comes your way rejoicing in what you will become once the storm clears which ultimately glorifies Him. Maybe God truly enjoys saving the damsel in distress. Maybe He hardens the hearts of pharaohs and allows my son to live with juvenile diabetes for the same reason….to somehow get His glory!

Why is this good news? Because when God is glorified, the body of Christ wins. Bottom line is, If everything somehow works for the glory of God, and I believe it does, then the just, the unjust and the rain that falls on both all have a purpose…to glorify a mighty sovereign God.

Thanks Ben. I’ll be chewing all week.