20061220.jpgSo here is my question….

How long does it take for you to put away your christmas decorations? I find that when it comes to taking them down Im very lazy. Im great putting things up after Thanksgiving. It gets me in the holiday spirit. But taking it down (particularly the outside lights on the house) Im horrible at. I’ve even been known to receive a notice from my home owners association about it. What, is waiting until March bad?

Well, I got home on monday with great intentions of getting it done, but so far… IM LAZY. I have until thursday to get to it before I head back on the road, but knowing me, it wont get it done. I was just curious if any of you fellow bloggers out there struggle with the same thing. I like to call it “post christmas decorating laziness” or PCDL for short. Maybe we should start a PCDL anonymous for all of those out there like me. If Im the only one, then please pray for me.

Wishing it was still Christmas…..