i_am_legend_will_smith__1_.jpgToday we woke up a little slow and finally came up with the plan of trying to find a movie theater close enough ride our scooters to. The 55 degree temperature proved a bit too harsh for some, but Robby and I headed out, armed with a handy dandy GPS, to find a theater still playing some of the holiday blockbusters we have missed.

After a few tussles with the GPS, we finally arrived at the theater to find they had a power outage and were obviously showing no films….:( Then on the way back, the GPS which was set to avoid highways, led us directly to the interstate and a near death experience for Robby. So if you’re ever out and about and you see a group of guys and their scooters wrecked in a ditch…be sure to swing by and say hi!!!!

Don’t worry, Will Smith…I will find you tomorrow friend!!!!