This is Robby. This is also my first BLOG ever! I just wanted to let everyone in on a few of the inner workings of a big tour. Most people assume its the full of fun times for all. Dont get me wrong, it can be a blast, but most of the time you are looking for something to do all day. For instance…. Today I woke up about 10 am. I went into the venue and looked around. I ate a muffin in catering. I helped our crew roll a few cases into the dressing rooms. I even unloaded our scooters.

So far, the most exciting thing that has happened is us getting lost on those scooters trying to find a movie theater. After we finally got there, the power was out. So no movies today. The best way we beat the “tour boredom” is to go to Walmart. We did just that. Bought a couple things for the bus and a couple movies. Now we are back at the venue and are counting down the minutes until Dinner. We look forward to dinner because that tells us that our day is finally about to start. Once the doors are open for the show, all boredom goes away. Then we start all over again tomorrow.

Fun times… Great oldies….