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  1. ey guys, my brother and his family drowned in that boat mv princess of the stars on june 21, 2008 in one of the philippine islands. we went over there to look for them thru cadavers. of course, we didn’t find them bec we came to find out later that they were trapped in the economy deluxe of the ship. i took the liberty of putting your 2 songs (i can only imagine and homesick) in my picture presentation, i hope this is ok. this is a 5 part series. you can look it up under this link – i think.
    we have since had a garage sale and flown back to bury them after we identified their DNAs. this tragedy at sea presentation has been shown during the funeral in the philippines and of course, i’m sure, your song ministered to all who saw it. thank the Lord for those words. thank you, guys, z


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