The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2013

We absolutely can’t wait to kick this thing off again. The Rock & Worship Roadshow is back in 2013 and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever. We’ve got some amazing thing planed for this year to make it more special and more interactive than ever.

For now, you can start helping spreading the word using the Twitter/Instagram tag #RWRS13. Also, if we’re coming to your town head over to this PROMOTIONS PAGE and download your city MEDIA KIT.

See you on the road.

This year the Dallas, TX show is a little different. Due to circumstances beyond our control ALL tickets are reserved seating in Dallas and must be purchased here –

Please plan accordingly.

  • Gary Chronicle

    Hey Bart I have a question. I purchased the VIP package for the Rock and Worship Roadshow coming up in Portland, OR on March 1, 2013 and was wondering I only purchased the $55 VIP package but was wondering does that pay for me to get into the show and with my wife going does she get into the VIP section with me? because I didn’t want to pay another $55 for her. I thought the $55 VIP package included ticket for her as well after all I did pay $55 and each “ticket” per se is $10 at the door. So with that do we come as scheduled at 5:30 for Portalnd and then when we get there she pays the $10 as well or is she covered with the $55 I paid for the VIP package??????

    Thank You

    Gary Chronicle
    (541) 924-0591

    Albany, OR 97322

    PS- Looking forward to the show! You guys are awesome. We went last year when you were in Portland for Rock and Worship Roadshow!

  • Hi Bart, how can we get a copy of the message you gave on Mercy and the 1 rule Adam had turning into the 10 commandments and then over 600 rules. It was an incredible talk. Tom