The New


Hey everybody.  If you haven’t noticed that we have a new website, you must have not visited in a while.  We forgive you.

Take a look around, let us know what you think.  We’re still playing with some ideas, looking forward to some new ideas, more interactivity and yes, more Cover Tune Grab Bags.

What do you think?

15 comments on “The New

  1. You guys just crack me up and also touch my heart at the same time. I know Nathan and Robbie by way of my daughter in Columbia, MO and you all are just awesome! I enjoyed your grab bags, and anytime I am down and out, all I have to do is put in your music and it really helps to soothe my soul. Thanks so much for your dedication to Gods work and bless your families while you are doing the work of God. Bart, if only the kid in all of us lasted as long as it has in you. This world surely would be a better place. Love in Christ.

  2. IMO, the colors are very easy to look at (compared to the stark white which was here before); not too mention the layout is much cleaner and streamlined. Very nice guys — very nice indeed!!

  3. Love the new site. Yeah for more CTGB! And please stream the concerts even if we can’t chat. I’m happy just watching. Keep working for the LORD! :)

  4. So, does a new website design also mean a new album coming soon?! I know yall gave a sneak peak awhile back of yall in the recording studio, but when is it coming out!?

  5. New website is good. Like it alot. Got a suggestion for a CTGB. It’s Not Over by Starship. Ties into your baseball theme too.

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