The Complete MercyMe Experience

Hey everyone. We wanted to let you know about a little auction we are having to support Porter’s Call in Nashville.  This auction includes the following and can be bid on here:

* 2 FREE tickets to any 2010-2011 MercyMe show that is mutually agreed upon.
*2 passes to attend sound check, if applicable.
(Please note: The band does not do sound at every show.)
*2 passes for a catered meal backstage before the show
(Subject to entire band’s availability)
*Meet & greet with the band after the show.

**Travel and lodging are not included. The winning bidder is responsible for all flights, transportation and lodging.

Click here to bid!

We are also auctioning a MERCYME Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Junior & signed CD/DVD. Click here to bid on that.

Spread the word!

One comment on “The Complete MercyMe Experience

  1. Trying to subscribe to the newsletter but it won’t go through. Also, just curious, do the guys ever read the facebook page?? If so, I sent a very heartfelt message recently and would love to know that someone at least got it. Dont need a response just wanted to thatnk them for a special situation. Id love if Bart a heads up and could read it. It really would mean a lot to this mom and who knows, it might mean somethng to them too. Thanks! Kris Aikens

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