Wishful Thinking

People have asked if this new passion for identity and grace shows up on the upcoming MercyMe album “Welcome To The New”…April 8 by the way (wink)

Yes. Hence the title of the album and the name of this blog “TheNewBart”

But just in case you’re not sold, here’s a song from said album.

Thanks to our awesome label, Fairtrade Services, for being totally cool with me letting the cat outta the bag. Well, actually it’s more like giving the cat visitation rights. Then it’s BAG IN THE BAG CAT!!!!

Wishful Thinking

Lord is it possible
To get this far
and just now understand
who You are?

feeling foolish
Yet relieved as well
cuz what i bought before
I just can’t sell

but now
my eyes are open wide
if this is wrong
i don’t wanna be right

could it be that on my worst day
how you love me simply will not change
what if it’s really not about what i do but what you did
oh what if
this ain’t wishful thinking it’s just how it is

verse 2
i guess i’m better late
than not at all
or did you plan it this way
all along

cuz without struggling
grace is hard to see
so maybe I’m right where
i’m supposed to beo

But now
My eyes are open wide
If this is wrong
Please Lord do not make me right

Now I know that on my worst day
The way you love me it ain’t never change
it’s never really been about what i do but what you did
Yes it is
this ain’t wishful thinking it’s just how it is