It’s here! The Rock & Worship Roadshow is officially starting today.  We pulled in to Indianapolis this morning and we’re getting all set up.  There are a couple orders of business we need to address right at the beginning.  First up, are you following The Roadshow on Twitter?  Are you a Fan On Facebook?  Now that we’ve got that settled, we’ve got a new one for you.  The Roadshow is also on Foursquare.  That means when you get to the show you can “Check In” and let your friends know you made it.  Pretty fancy huh?

And as always, make sure to check out the show being broadcast LIVE every night from start to finish.  Every band as it’s happening.

See you on the road.

Radio Tour (Day 2)

MercyMe is on Day 2 of their cross-country radio promo tour as they premiere their new single, “All of Creation,” from the band’s upcoming INO Records CD, THE GENEROUS MR. LOVEWELL (May 4).

The band has a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to this promo tour, with band members Bart and Barry (Team Barty) hitting the West coast, Jim and Nathan (Team Jathan) the East Coast, and Robby and Mike (Team Mobby) the midwest.

Check out the band’s tweets below, along with a few photos to see their journey thus far:

“Cleveland Rocks and so does the Fish 95.5fm.”
(@robbyshaffer from WFHM in Cleveland, OH)

“On the air now in Cleveland on the FISH!!! robby’s about to sing… Be frightened.”
(@mikescheuchzer from WFHM in Cleveland, OH)

“Here visiting with J93.3 in Atlanta!“
(@nathancochran from WVFJ in Atlanta, GA)

“Our friends from 88.1 The Promise in Jacksonville. Thanks for hanging out. Lovewell.“
(@jimbrysonmm from WCRJ in Jacksonville, FL)

“I now know why the devil tried to keep us outta Seattle. He wanted us to miss the awesomeness of Spirit 105.3 KCMS. TEAM BARTY back on top!”
(@bartmillard from KCMS in Seattle, WA)

“mikescheuchzer @BartMillard you wish you’d have been @ the FISH in Cleveland punk!!!! MOBBY RULZ!!!”
(@mikescheuchzer from WFHM in Cleveland, OH)

“No rain, mild temp, incredible mountain views, coffee of course, & the wonderful ppl at Spirit 105.3 KCMS! thx 4 yr hospitality.”
(@barrygraul from KCMS in Seattle, WA)

With more details soon to be announced on THE GENEROUS MR. LOVEWELL, INO Records’ is also leaking some fun teasers to prepare fans for what is yet to come. Watch the videos here:

Watch for updates throughout the week!

What Do You Want To See?

Who reads these post? Seriously…well sort of seriously. In a world where Twitter can reach you no matter where you are, do people still stop to read things longer than 140 letters? Just curious. If you do still frequent our blog, let us know what you want to see on here. More dance videos? Serious insight from the band on current affairs? Boo. Cover tunes? Yay! We want your ideas. Let us know.


Oh and does anyone use myspace anymore?