A Trip To ESPN

Bum Ba Bum Baaaaa. That was the ESPN theme song and today we had the amazing opportunity to take a tour of ESPN. We’ve got some pretty massive sports fans in band and crew so it was a little like Christmas to some of us.  Are you kidding?  Walking around ESPN?!  I don’t think our bus is ever on any other channel.  And this picture with Derren Woodson?  What?  Sorry we interrupted you eating your sandwich.

Huge thanks to Jason Romano for making this happen.  You made Ryan’s year.

Agawam, thanks for topping off a great night by being one of the loudest crowds ever.  You guys were amazing.

Portland Maine, here we come.

Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City. You put the OK in Oklahoma. Awesome dancing tonight. Thanks for coming out. You helped make this one of the greatest nights on The Roadshow.

We’ve got a couple more shows left on this tour. Wichita, Kansas City & Memphis we’re headed your way. Looking forward to finishing out this tour strong.

Thanks again OKC. We’ll see you next time.

The Great MercyMe Concert Poll

So we touched on it last night a little last night, but we’re really hoping that the great people of the Internet can help us out.  With so many different avenues of communication these days, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s actual communication and what’s just adding to the noise.  We certainly don’t want to be ‘noise’ to anyone, so in an effort to streamline our communication, we’re coming to the source.  You people.

We want to know where you are listening.  We want to know where you hear about shows that we’re playing at.  Maybe it’s Social Media, The Radio, Friends, or a poster at church.  Maybe it’s right here on this website.  What’s the most effective way for us to communicate to you?  How do we let you know about things and what avenue should we pour our resources into?  Here’s what we’ve done.  We’ve added a little poll to the right sidebar of the site.  If you could take a second and let us know how you hear about our shows, we’d appreciate it.


We Love Knoxville, TN

Man, what a cool view. Knoxville, we love hanging out here today. And we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  Thanks for making the trip out tonight and singing your hearts out with us.  We had a great time.  Robby gave the shower a 9 on his ‘Shower Scale’, Bart finished the lyrics for what could possibly be the first single on the new record and the potato chips in catering were some of the best we’ve had.  So all-in-all it was a pretty fantastic day.

Hey, we have a quick question for you.  If you’ve ever been to a MercyMe show, we’d love to know how you heard about it.  Was it your friends?  The radio?  Your church?  Knoxville, how’d you hear about the show tonight?  We’re curious.

Thanks again.  We’ll see you again real soon.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte. We have words for a crowd like you. UH-Mazing. Tonight was one of the most fun, energetic nights we’ve had in a while. During “Mighty To Save” we could not believe how loud you were. Not only do you folks know how to party, but listening to you worship was an treat.

Thanks for making it out tonight. We’ll see you again soon.

The Rock & Worship Roadshow Fall 2011

We’re getting closer to heading out on the first ever FALL Rock & Worship Roadshow.  In the past we’ve only done this tour in the Spring, but this year we decided to head East and bring some of our friends with us.  Beginning on November 3rd, we’ll be out with Jars Of Clay, Hawk Nelson, Matt Maher, Disciple, Group 1 Crew and Trip Lee, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Now, for a couple details.

If you’re planning on coming to the show you can purchase your VIP PASSES here.  These not only get you in the doors early, but you’ll have a sweet seat and an exclusive VIP shirt and laminate.

Then head over to the TOUR PAGE and make sure to RSVP to the show you are coming to.  Let your friends know you’ll be there and make sure they come with you.  This tour is going to be insane, and we can’t wait to see you there.

First Ever USO Tour

WHAT: USO Tour to Middle East Featuring MercyMe

WHEN: Summer 2011

WHERE: Middle East
Note. Due to security reasons, the countries and tour dates cannot be released at this time.

WHY: Jim Bryson, Nathan Cochran, Barry Graul, Bart Millard, Michael Scheuchzer and Robby Shaffer of MercyMe will soon depart on their first USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour. The band is scheduled to visit two countries and perform three shows as part of their eight-day USO experience. In addition to delivering their uplifting performances to troops, the band will sign autographs, pose for photos and extend America’s gratitude to our service men and women serving abroad.

Avid supporters of the U.S. armed forces the band routinely donates concert tickets to troops and their families and have invited fans to leave words of encouragement for service men and women on their website. Additionally, their 2009 release “Finally Home” was dedicated to our nation’s heroes.

Lovewell Live 2011

Well, the Lovewell Live 2011 Tour is officially over. We had an absolute blast with Natalie and Brandon. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and those that followed this thing online.

Here’s a clip of from tonight’s show. Every night we had a special treat on the side of the stage. Our video guy Jeff would dance so we were the only one’s that could see him. Tonight we had the chance to video this magical moment in the night. We hope you enjoy.

Thanks again. We’ll do it again sometime real soon!