Belton, TX






Belton. Here’s the deal. You guys were easily the best crowd of the tour so far. What a great night. Thanks for hanging out with us. Awesome to have the boys from The Digital Age in the room tonight. If you haven’t checked out their music, what are you waiting for?

We’re headed home for a couple days, but next week we’ll be ready to take this thing East.

Thanks again Texas.

Clovis, NM




New Mexico, you guys were awesome tonight. Thanks for hanging out with us. Tonight was our first time here, and we had a blast. Make sure to tag us in your photos if you post them on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to see them.

Extra special thanks to our front row dancer tonight. You did great.

Abilene, TX





Abilene. You’ve got some WIND! You know today Jamie’s bus door almost blew off?

We had a blast tonight though. Thanks for hanging out and singing your hearts out with us.

You guys also have a pretty cool zoo. Even if there’s some pretty creepy snakes in there.

We’re headed home for a couple days, but we’ll be back at it on Wednesday. Thanks again Abilene. Make sure to tag us in your photos from the night. We’d love to see them.

Seattle, WA

So here’s the deal Seattle. Guess what we did today. Yep, when you’re in Seattle, what else makes sense except Seattle By Segway. I mean, who wouldn’t do that right?

Seriously though. What an amazing town, an amazing day and an amazing crowd. This is hands down one of our favorite places to come and tonight was no exception. Thanks for making tonight so cool. You guys always deliver.

Spokane, here we come.

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis. What the heck? You people showed up hardcore tonight. There were TONS of you out there. What a great show. Thanks for spending your night with us. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Today we had the amazing opportunity to visit the Indianapolis Colts training facility and play a little game of flag football. It was a competitive game but clearly, by the looks of this picture you can tell who came out on top.

Thanks for making it a special night Indy.  You’ve become one of our favorite stops on this thing.

The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2013

We absolutely can’t wait to kick this thing off again. The Rock & Worship Roadshow is back in 2013 and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever. We’ve got some amazing thing planed for this year to make it more special and more interactive than ever.

For now, you can start helping spreading the word using the Twitter/Instagram tag #RWRS13. Also, if we’re coming to your town head over to this PROMOTIONS PAGE and download your city MEDIA KIT.

See you on the road.

This year the Dallas, TX show is a little different. Due to circumstances beyond our control ALL tickets are reserved seating in Dallas and must be purchased here –

Please plan accordingly.

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, you guys are awesome. Your city is awesome too. You’re weather…. maybe a different form of awesome. Seriously though. We spent the day in your lovely city, down near the River Walk, Starbucks twice, and topped it off with you guys. A perfect way to finish the day here. Thanks for spending your time with us.

We’ve only got one more show on this little tour then it’s time for a little time off. Lufkin, let’s see if we can finish this thing out strong. We’ll see you soon.

Thanks again San Antonio.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Oh, Canada.  Every time we make it up this way, you guys deliver.  What a cool show.  Packed out and you people were loud.  Thanks for giving us a reason to make sure we get back to Canada as soon as we can.

We’ve had a great couple days and it’s time to head home for a few.  Next week we’re finishing out this tour in Texas.  Looking forward to a couple great shows.

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it on here yet, but if you folks are Instagram-ers, make sure you check us out there.  Our username is THEMERCYME or you can check them out here –  We couldn’t get just ‘mercyme’ because it was taken so if you know anyone that can get us in touch with Instagram let us know.  We’d love to make it not as confusing.

Anyway.  Thanks again Canada, we’ll see you again soon.

Gorham, ME

Maine, Maine, Maine. We love coming up here. Every time we are here, you people are amazing. Tonight was no exception. You people know how to sing and sounded lovely tonight.

Today some of us spent some time cruising around your beautiful town. Turns out you’ve got a pretty famous lighthouse and it’s fantastic.