Seattle, WA

So here’s the deal Seattle. Guess what we did today. Yep, when you’re in Seattle, what else makes sense except Seattle By Segway. I mean, who wouldn’t do that right?

Seriously though. What an amazing town, an amazing day and an amazing crowd. This is hands down one of our favorite places to come and tonight was no exception. Thanks for making tonight so cool. You guys always deliver.

Spokane, here we come.

Colorado Springs, CO

World Arena, Colorado Springs we love visiting you people. We know school was closed today, but you guys blew us away and made tonight a special night.

Today Bart and I had a chance to go up in a helicopter tour and take a look at your amazing city so if you saw a blue helicopter flying over you, that was us. What a beautiful area. Colorado, you are one of our favorites.

We’ll see you again soon.

Baton Rouge, LA

Another great night in Louisiana. You guys know how to worship. Thanks for letting us be a part of that. Thanks for keeping things civil with the protestors outside and showing them that we serve a God that loves people regardless of themselves.

We’ve had some of our boys out for the past few days so our bus smells a bit like a 7 year old boy, but it’s been some amazing father-son time for us all.

We’re headed home for a few days, then on to Colorado Springs. If we remember anything about Colorado Springs, it’s the insane line that shows up right before the show. Make sure to get there early on Thursday to get inside. It’s going to be awesome.

We’ll see you again Baton Rouge.

Springfield, MO

Missouri, you guys were nuts. Thank you, thank you for such a great night. We’ve been here several times and each time we come back you people deliver. We’ve got a question for you folks. What’s your favorite part of the night? We love watching each artist individually, but we’re curious what’s on your top list?

Dallas, we’re headed your way tomorrow. We’ll see you there.

Lexington, KY

Kentucky. You guys were loud tonight. We had a great night with our dear friends Tenth Avenue North. These guys came down to hang out a little and play a couple songs and we couldn’t love them more.

Thanks for sharing The Roadshow’s first night in Lexington folks. We’ll see you again.

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis. What the heck? You people showed up hardcore tonight. There were TONS of you out there. What a great show. Thanks for spending your night with us. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Today we had the amazing opportunity to visit the Indianapolis Colts training facility and play a little game of flag football. It was a competitive game but clearly, by the looks of this picture you can tell who came out on top.

Thanks for making it a special night Indy.  You’ve become one of our favorite stops on this thing.

Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan, you know how to host a party. Tonight was nothing short of fantastic. The place was packed, you guys sang your hearts out and we had a blast. Thanks for making this a place we look forward to coming to every year.

We’re still making a few tweaks to the set so, if you came to the show tonight let us know what your favorite part was in the comments. We’re already having a blast on this tour and we’ve only just begun.

Madison, WI

Well folks, we kicked it off tonight. Madison, Wisconsin there’s no other place we’d rather start this thing going. Thanks for braving the weather and coming out to the show. This place is COLD.

We spent most of the day working out some bugs, getting our gear ready and trying to stay warm. The snow was beautiful though.

Headed to Grand Rapids tonight, so pray for us driving in this mess. We’ll see you again soon.

The Roadshow – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento California. We have waited a long time for this show. This is easily one of the best shows of the tour. Not only that, but this is consistently one of the best shows of the life of The Roadshow.  We’re currently sitting on the bus getting ready to head to Fresno to close this thing out.  We’ve held out Sacramento and Fresno for the last two shows.

Thanks for spending the night with us Sacramento.  We’ll be back for sure.