We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Now as we move into thinking about the Christmas season we wanted to put a place on here where we could continue the ‘Thankfulness’ and allow you to tell us what you’re thankful for here.  We are thankful for you guys and we love the community that has gathered here.  Your turn.

Thank You!

It makes sense that we’d win a ‘Fan Voted’ award because you guys are amazing.  Seriously we couldn’t ask for a better community that surrounds us and our music.  Thank you so much for being involved in our ministry.  We can’t thank you enough.

Continuing To Pray

MercyMe would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and prayers that have been said not only for them, but for the families affected by this tragic accident. We have been in continued communication with the chaplaincy program at the Ft. Wayne Police Department, and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone affected by this situation.

Every night on stage when we introduce our song, “Bring the Rain”, we talk about God being in control. If we believe what we say, then we must continue to look at how He will get the glory through this, and bring healing to so many.

We resumed our touring schedule in Milwaukee Monday evening. Before beginning the concert Bart addressed the crowd for all of us, expressing our heartbreak for the families in Ft. Wayne and our desire to pray for the families and for the young lady who still remains hospitalized. The crowd joined us in prayer specifically praying for healing, comfort, peace and understanding. We thank all of you for continuing to pray.

Bart, Mike, Jim, Nathan, Barry & Robby