Belton, TX






Belton. Here’s the deal. You guys were easily the best crowd of the tour so far. What a great night. Thanks for hanging out with us. Awesome to have the boys from The Digital Age in the room tonight. If you haven’t checked out their music, what are you waiting for?

We’re headed home for a couple days, but next week we’ll be ready to take this thing East.

Thanks again Texas.

Lufkin, TX

Texas. What a cool way to finish out the tour. This has been a great few weeks. Thanks to everyone who made it out to a show. We had a blast.  We’re looking forward to a couple weeks off and letting you all hear the record this record on MAY 22nd!

If you made it out to a show, you’ve heard a couple of the new songs, and we’ve got a few surprises coming for you in the next couple weeks.  Make sure you check back here, and follow us on Twitter to keep up on things.

Thanks again Texas.  We’ll see you again soon.

Edna, TX

Texas, you know how to throw a party. We had sparks and fire tonight and everything. We spent most of the day traveling to get here from Atlanta, but you guys made it worth it for sure. We’re not entirely sure where this humidity came from but we’re glad you stuck it out with us. Tomorrow we’re in Tyler and then we’re home for Easter with our families.

Kind of a weird week but we’re having fun. Tyler, we’ll see you tomorrow bright and early.

College Station, TX

Tonight was the first time in sixteen years that we have played in College Station! Texas, you guys were awesome. Earlier today we heard that a place called Chicken Oil Co, was the place to be so we made our way over there on our scooters and took care of some burgers. Now we know what the fuss is all about.

Thanks for coming out and spending your evening with us. We absolutely can’t wait another sixteen years before we come back.

Tomorrow night is the last night of The Roadshow and Dallas, we’ve been looking forward to this all year.  You guys better bring it!

Beaumont, TX

Tonight we kicked off the Spring leg of the Lovewell Live Tour with Natalie Grant and Brandon Heath in Beaumont, TX. What a great place to start. You guys sang great and were a perfect start to this tour.

We couldn’t be more excited to start this thing off and can’t wait to bring you some new, fun things on this site. One main thing we wanted to do was remind you all of Gowalla. Here’s the deal. The first three people that check in to each of the shows will be notified on Twitter that they win a free CD at the merch table. So make sure to get there early and check in.

Also, if you come to the show make sure to put any pictures you take on our Facebook Page. We’d love to see them.

College Station, we’re headed there tomorrow. We’ll see you soon.

El Paso, TEXAS

El Paso.  Spanish for “most awesome-est crowd ever”?  You guys blew the roof off tonight and not just for MercyMe but for everyone out on The Roadshow.  Thanks for making us always feel so welcome when we come to your lovely town.  Before tonight, it had been far too long since we’ve heard you guys sing, so let’s not wait that long again.  See ya next year.


The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright…

So, I’ve been into astronomy for a couple of years now since moving to Texas and living in a town where there isn’t much light at night. I get to enjoy Gods handy work on a pretty regular basis.

This week, my wife and I will finally get a chance to view the night sky through an 82 inch telescope at the McDonald Observatory in west Texas where the skies are VERY dark. It is that way because of the lack of city lights and populated areas. It’s one of the best areas of the country to view the night sky because of the darkness and the elevation (around 6800 ft).  You can see the bare spot in west Texas. Viewing should be great!
I’ve included a few pics that I’ve taken through my telescope, Saturn being one of my favorites to shoot. The 1st pic of the moon was at dusk, my favorite time of day.  I am in no way a photographer as you can see. These pics were taken by holding my little Sony Cybershot up to the telescope lens. Maybe the people at the observatory will let me take a few pics through their highly expensive scope. Highly doubtful. I’ll let ya know how it goes.