Springfield, MO

Missouri, you guys were nuts. Thank you, thank you for such a great night. We’ve been here several times and each time we come back you people deliver. We’ve got a question for you folks. What’s your favorite part of the night? We love watching each artist individually, but we’re curious what’s on your top list?

Dallas, we’re headed your way tomorrow. We’ll see you there.

The Roadshow – Springfield, MO

We’ve been in this building before and just like last time, you guys sounded amazing. There were a ton of you tonight. Thanks for making the trip out. Earlier this morning I was walking around the building and I saw people waiting outside at around 10 in the morning. The line outside before the show was insane, and the energy didn’t stop once you all got inside.

We’ll be back for sure Springfield. Thanks for making it a memorable night. We’ll see you soon.

Springfield, MO

Springfield, you guys were amazing.  Easily the best crowd of the tour so far.  There’s something about that many people getting together to worship that blows us away.  Thanks for coming out.  We’re home for a couple days but can’t wait to hit Texas next week with Lecrae.  We’ll see you soon.