Diving Blind Delay

Hey everyone, I have some updated news about the Diving Blind EP, I mentioned last week.  It seems that iTunes is taking longer than we thought to get it added.  However, the Diving Blind website should be up on Thursday and you should be able to hear the songs on there.  

Sorry for the inconvenience, and delay, I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on here as well as on the Diving Blind site.  

Thanks for your understanding.


Diving Blind – The EP

“So if you have been around on the MercyMe web site for a while, as in, you read the blog before it was the spectacle that it is today. You may remember Nathan talking about a secret mission he was on. Well now the time has come to pull the curtain for the big reveal!

So introducing-Diving Blind, the EP! This is a side project that Nathan has been working on for a long long time. Diving Blind is Nathan Cochran on lead vocals and guitar and two friends, Jeremy Jaqua on drums, and Preston Martinez on bass. “This has been a long time coming and I am very excited that it is now out in the open.” says Nathan.

The official release date is just a few days away on October the 16th. So please keep coming back for more details on how to get Nathan’s side project, “Diving Blind- the EP”. And for more info on the where and how of all this!

Hymned Again

Here is, so far, my favorite cover option for my “hymned” record.

The first hymns album I did in ’05 was called “Hymned Volume 1.” I decided to call this one “Hymned Again.” No reason really other than I thought it was kind of funny to change it to “Hymned again” instead of “Hymned Volume 2.” Get it? People thought I was gonna zig left when I zagged right…I am a nerd. If I get the chance to do a third one maybe I will call it “Hymned etc.” Or maybe “Ah-hymn” or maybe “Hymmy Hym Hym Hymns.” I like that one.

What do you think?