The Hurt & The Healer on iTunes!

Today’s the day! The Hurt & The Healer – Single is officially available on iTunes. Here’ what we’d love. If you could head over to iTunes and get “The Hurt & The Healer – Single” and let us know what you think by rating the song right there on iTunes…. Unless you don’t like it… then just keep that to yourself.


Kind of.

Seriously, just go get it.

The Hurt & The Healer (Single)


Here it is folks. For the next 24 hours this will be the ONLY place you can hear the new single “The Hurt And The Healer” from the upcoming album with the same name. The song should be going to radio soon, but we wanted to share it with you early.

We’ve been playing this song live for the past few nights on The Roadshow and we’re really excited about it. Let us know what you think in the comments.


We Wanna See You ‘Move’

Most of you probably already have heard our new single “Move”, but we talked it over and decided that we want to see your moves. So here’s how it’s going to work. Whether you are on Twitter of Facebook we want to see a video of you/your kids/ your pets/ your grandma dancing to the song “Move”.

If you’re on Twitter just @ message @MercyMe and we’ll check them out. If you’re on Facebook, upload the video and tag the MercyMe Facebook page. So we can check it out there. The best videos we will either ReTweet or post right here on the website. There may be even a special prize for amazing choreography so make it awesome.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got.

What Should The Next Single Be?

We’re trying to decide what the next single off our record should be and we figured you were the best people to ask? Below you will find some clips of the songs that we believe are the ‘front-runners’, “Move”, “Beautiful” and “Back To You”. Below that is a place to vote for your favorite. You can also chose ‘Other’, but if you do, let us know what your choice is in the comments. Seems fun right? Here we go.

[audio:|titles=MercyMe – Move (Clip)]
[audio:|titles=MercyMe – Beautiful (Clip)]
Back To You
[audio:|titles=MercyMe – Back To You (Clip)]


‘All Of Creation’ Today Only

OK…. it’s sneak peek time again!!!

Some of you may have heard us on our short radio tour this past week and had the chance to hear the 1st single from The Generous Mr. Lovewell, All of Creation. But since it doesn’t officially go to radio till next week, we thought we’d give those of you who may have missed it a special sneak peek here on the blog. Now since it hasn’t been officially released, this is for one day and one day ONLY!!!! It will be streaming over and over all day today. Listen to it as many times as your boss will allow, because tomorrow…. It’s gone!!!!

This is our little gift to you. Your gift to us? Support your local Christian radio station when the song officially releases on Friday, January 29th. Also, hijack iTunes when the song is officially released on March 2nd.

***ALL OF CREATION: Available on iTunes March 2nd***

p.s. spread the word!!!!!!