The Roadshow – San Diego, CA

I mean, come on.  It’s San Diego.  The weather is perfect.  The scooters are full of gas.  It’s time to see the coast.  San Diego, what a beautiful place to spend the day.  Today we took Lecrae out on the scooters to show him and Canon a good time.  We did have to warn him that if he started hanging out with us too much he might lose a little street cred because he’d end up photographed on a swing in a park with us all pushing him.

Seriously though, San Diego, you guys were awesome tonight. We had an absolute blast hanging out here today. We don’t make it down here that often but we absolutely love it here. Thanks for spending your night with us tonight. We’ll see you again real soon.

Kentwood, MI

Michigan, what a great way to end the week.  First off, we love your town.  We spent some of the day today taking the scooters out and finding a stand alone Starbucks.  What’s with all your Starbucks being inside grocery stores?  We finally found one over by the mall, so that was great.  We did accidentally walk into a funeral reception being held at a local coffee shop, so if anyone that was there is reading this, please accept our apologies.

Tonight’s show was fantastic.  You guys sang loud and looked like you were having fun.  We’ve got the next couple days off and then only one more week of The Lovewell Live 2011 Tour.  We’re going to try to squeeze in a Cover Tune Grab Bag next week, but we’ll see.

Any suggestions on songs?

Mountain Home, AR

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Great show tonight and a GREAT crowd. You guys sang loud and sang the whole time!  We were only the second show ever in this building so it was pretty cool to be a part of the start of this place.  Great building.  Great crowd.  Great night.  We’ve got one more show this week, and it’s our last week with Dave Barnes.  Lincoln, NE, we’ll see you tomorrow.

Oh… and here’s a video of Bart’s new Twitter series “Life Lessons”

Set List: Revolution | So Long Self | This Life | Won’t Back Down | Move | Alright | Crazy Enough | Word Of God Speak | Homesick/Finally Home | God With Us | Beautiful | Your Reign | Imagine | Where The Streets Have No Name | All Of Creation

And Then There Were Five

The other day in Baltimore someone decided that Jim’s scooter looked pretty fun, and decided to run off with it. Typically we leave the scooters out by the bus and apparently this was the wrong place to leave them out. According to Baltimore Police they have already found the scooter and it’s got minimal damage. We’re working on getting it back, but as it is now, we are riding only five.

Ontario Scooting

Today we took the scooters out for a little while and ended up making our way to the top of a mountain in beautiful Ontario, CA.  Here’s a little photo documentation of our day.

Ghost Ridin’

It was a beautiful day in Colorado Springs yesterday so we thought we’d take the scooters out for a little ride with Steve Fee. The show was amazing last night. The loudest crowd of the tour so far. Billings, you’re next.