God Will Get His Glory

As many of you know that have seen us over the past few years, God has laid on our hearts the message that all things work together for good for those that are in Christ. (Romans 8:28) Basically, everything that happens, Good or Bad, is for the Glory of God. We have been saying this and some of us living it on an everyday basis for a while now. Bring the Rain was written out of these very situations. I attend the Village Church in Flower Mound, TX. Over the last couple of weeks, we as the body of Christ have been in one of these Trials. Our lead pastor Matt Chandler has been in the hospital for a brain tumor. We found out today that it is malignant. For those that have ever heard Matt teach or know him personally, you know he practices what he preaches. This has hit our small church hard as you can tell. My reason for writing is two fold.

1. To ask those of you that would, to join our church in prayer for the Chandler Family. Pray that whether in complete healing or not, that this will bring God Glory and be for the advancement of the Gospel as Paul says in Philippians.

2. To let this help examine our own lives to see where we may be putting something else or someone else as ultimate before Christ. I know that in my own family, it has rocked our world. Spiritually, God has revealed himself to us like never before.

Here is the link to our pastors blog. Its a video that Matt recorded for our church before he had surgery about a week and a half ago. It wrecked me. Not in a mourning sense, but in a spiritual sense. I hope that it will encourage anyone that may be going through the same thing. Thanks to all who read this.

James Christopher Needs Prayer

Most of you may remember a few months back us asking for you guys to pray and help out our friend James Christopher, well, we need you again.

Today James Christopher is in NYC having yet another VERY painful bone marrow biopsy done. Pray that this procedure is as painless as possible and he’s back on his feet in no time. More than that, pray that it comes back with a PERFECT report of God’s healing on his body.

Ultimately, we and James Christopher would all want you to pray that God’s will be done in and through him in this struggle he faces on a daily basis. This kid would blow everyone f you away if you knew him….his faith and even his knowledge of the Word at the age of 12 is astounding. i know God has prepared James Christopher for great things and we all get the privilege of praying for him now!!!

Thanks MM S.L.O.B.s!!!!


Continuing To Pray

MercyMe would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and prayers that have been said not only for them, but for the families affected by this tragic accident. We have been in continued communication with the chaplaincy program at the Ft. Wayne Police Department, and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone affected by this situation.

Every night on stage when we introduce our song, “Bring the Rain”, we talk about God being in control. If we believe what we say, then we must continue to look at how He will get the glory through this, and bring healing to so many.

We resumed our touring schedule in Milwaukee Monday evening. Before beginning the concert Bart addressed the crowd for all of us, expressing our heartbreak for the families in Ft. Wayne and our desire to pray for the families and for the young lady who still remains hospitalized. The crowd joined us in prayer specifically praying for healing, comfort, peace and understanding. We thank all of you for continuing to pray.

Bart, Mike, Jim, Nathan, Barry & Robby

Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, we’d like to open up the comment section of this post to friends and family members of soldiers. If you’d like to mention their names, where they are, memories, or any way we can pray for them, please feel free. And anyone else who would like to honor soldiers past or present, we wanted to give you that opportunity here.

Pray For Misti


Taken from Jim’s Facebook:

Misti is having the bone marrow biopsy in 10 mins. They have to wait 2-3 days for results. Looking for cancer. After the biopsy they will do the testing to get ready for chemo if the tests come back positive. Please pray pray pray!

Please join with us in praying.