Columbia, SC

Well, The Roadshow has come to a close and we can’t even begin to tell you how much of a blast we had. ┬áThe bands that were out with us couldn’t have been more fun and we appreciate all of you who came out to see the show. ┬áLast night was the infamous ‘last night of the tour’ or ‘prank night’ and while we typically aren’t much of pranksters we thought what happened last night made for a memorable last night of the tour.

Now that the tour is over, it’s time to focus this week on the release of The Generous Mr. Lovewell (May 4th). But first we want to know, what was your favorite part of The Roadshow?

Johnson City, TN – The Last Night

Well, tonight’s the last night of the tour and nothing is more fitting than to have backup dancers on the last show. The Tenth Avenue North guys, Jonny Diaz and Fee have been all been great to travel with. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, we had a blast.

Now it’s time for some much needed family time, finishing a record and gearing up for The Roadshow 2010. We’ll see you next time.

Stay tuned for some updates on the record.