The Great MercyMe Concert Poll

So we touched on it last night a little last night, but we’re really hoping that the great people of the Internet can help us out.  With so many different avenues of communication these days, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s actual communication and what’s just adding to the noise.  We certainly don’t want to be ‘noise’ to anyone, so in an effort to streamline our communication, we’re coming to the source.  You people.

We want to know where you are listening.  We want to know where you hear about shows that we’re playing at.  Maybe it’s Social Media, The Radio, Friends, or a poster at church.  Maybe it’s right here on this website.  What’s the most effective way for us to communicate to you?  How do we let you know about things and what avenue should we pour our resources into?  Here’s what we’ve done.  We’ve added a little poll to the right sidebar of the site.  If you could take a second and let us know how you hear about our shows, we’d appreciate it.