Winnie, TX






Winnie, Texas – You guys were amazing tonight. We had a blast hanging out at Nutty Jerry’s with you guys. What a unique place and a heck of a crowd. Thanks for making it a special night.

Here’s a couple photos – make sure to check out more photos from the tour on our Facebook Page. We’ll be adding several photos a night there.

Lufkin, TX

Texas. What a cool way to finish out the tour. This has been a great few weeks. Thanks to everyone who made it out to a show. We had a blast.  We’re looking forward to a couple weeks off and letting you all hear the record this record on MAY 22nd!

If you made it out to a show, you’ve heard a couple of the new songs, and we’ve got a few surprises coming for you in the next couple weeks.  Make sure you check back here, and follow us on Twitter to keep up on things.

Thanks again Texas.  We’ll see you again soon.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Oh, Canada.  Every time we make it up this way, you guys deliver.  What a cool show.  Packed out and you people were loud.  Thanks for giving us a reason to make sure we get back to Canada as soon as we can.

We’ve had a great couple days and it’s time to head home for a few.  Next week we’re finishing out this tour in Texas.  Looking forward to a couple great shows.

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it on here yet, but if you folks are Instagram-ers, make sure you check us out there.  Our username is THEMERCYME or you can check them out here –  We couldn’t get just ‘mercyme’ because it was taken so if you know anyone that can get us in touch with Instagram let us know.  We’d love to make it not as confusing.

Anyway.  Thanks again Canada, we’ll see you again soon.

Gorham, ME

Maine, Maine, Maine. We love coming up here. Every time we are here, you people are amazing. Tonight was no exception. You people know how to sing and sounded lovely tonight.

Today some of us spent some time cruising around your beautiful town. Turns out you’ve got a pretty famous lighthouse and it’s fantastic.

A Trip To ESPN

Bum Ba Bum Baaaaa. That was the ESPN theme song and today we had the amazing opportunity to take a tour of ESPN. We’ve got some pretty massive sports fans in band and crew so it was a little like Christmas to some of us.  Are you kidding?  Walking around ESPN?!  I don’t think our bus is ever on any other channel.  And this picture with Derren Woodson?  What?  Sorry we interrupted you eating your sandwich.

Huge thanks to Jason Romano for making this happen.  You made Ryan’s year.

Agawam, thanks for topping off a great night by being one of the loudest crowds ever.  You guys were amazing.

Portland Maine, here we come.

Hiawassee, GA

North Georgia. What a great show. We spent some time on the lake today fishing and had an amazing time with you tonight. We’re not sure there are many more beautiful places on the planet than where you live. Thanks for sharing your city with us for the day.

And now for a fun little game called “Caption Please”. Here’s a fun little picture of Barry trying to communicate with our monitor guy Daniel. Let’s hear it. Give us your best caption of what Barry is saying.

The Roadshow – Seattle, WA

Seattle, you guys were so great tonight you deserved two pictures.  Look at all you people.  There’s tons of you.  What a blast.  You guys were easily the loudest crowd of the tour so far.  Thanks for making tonight such a great night.  Spokane, you’ve got your work cut out for you tomorrow.

Seattle, we’ll definitely be back next year.  We love your town and we love you.

Hoover Dam

Tonight we were in Las Vegas so a couple of us decided to hop on the scooters and see what we could find.  30 miles later we were at Hoover Dam.  Now, these scooters only go about 35 miles per hour so it was quite a trip in the desert, but absolutely worth it.

The show tonight went great. An outside show that started in the afternoon, but really cool to mix things up. Thanks for showing up and singing loud with us. We’ve got some days off coming up so we’re all headed home to see our families. Thanks for making for a great day Vegas.

The Roadshow – Springfield, MO

We’ve been in this building before and just like last time, you guys sounded amazing. There were a ton of you tonight. Thanks for making the trip out. Earlier this morning I was walking around the building and I saw people waiting outside at around 10 in the morning. The line outside before the show was insane, and the energy didn’t stop once you all got inside.

We’ll be back for sure Springfield. Thanks for making it a memorable night. We’ll see you soon.