Brunswick, OH




There’s something special about a packed out church singing as loud as you guys did tonight, Ohio. You guys were a ROCK crowd. Thanks for spending your night with us. We had a blast.

And oh hey…. TOMORROW night we are broadcasting live from Nashville right here at MERCYME.ORG so make sure you get some friends, crank up the speakers and watch one of the last shows of the tour. We’re looking forward to it.

Elida, OH

What an amazing crowd tonight!  The way you guys were packed in there and singing so loud was priceless.  Absolutely amazing.

We spend most of the day over at your mall wandering around.  Some of the crew guys played some baseball in the field and Barry ran across the street to a garage sale and got an awesome backpack.  You know, just another day in Elida.  One thing we know for sure is that hallway in the high school is awesome.  We spent plenty of time checking out those murals.  Well done Bulldogs.

We’ll see you next time.  We had a blast.

Grove City, OH

Ohiiiiooooo.  Tonight was awesome. You people know how to worship.  Thanks so much for coming out and making it a special night. You guys know how to sing.  This was one of the loudest crowds we’ve had in a while.  And it sounded great.

Today we spent most of the day recording again after a quick trip to your lovely Guitar Center.  We can’t wait to share this worship project with you.  I think it’s going to be something really special.  We’re still in Ohio tomorrow, but we’re headed Northwest of here.

Elida we’ll see you tomorrow.

Dayton, OH

Ohio, you guys were awesome.  It was great to have the Jars Of Clay guys back tonight and get back into the swing of things.  We were in Texas last night so we flew in late today and got right to it.  You guys were great tonight.  We wish we could have kept playing.  We’ve been here before and we always look forward to coming back to Dayton.

Thanks for making it  great night.

Columbus, OH

Ohio.  You guys were loud tonight.  What a crowd.  With the absence of the David Crowder*Band tonight we had a little extra time so we threw in “Alright” into the set and you people were ready to sing.  Thanks for coming out.

We’ve got one more show on this tour.  South Carolina, we’re coming for you.  Are you ready?