Madison, WI

Well folks, we kicked it off tonight. Madison, Wisconsin there’s no other place we’d rather start this thing going. Thanks for braving the weather and coming out to the show. This place is COLD.

We spent most of the day working out some bugs, getting our gear ready and trying to stay warm. The snow was beautiful though.

Headed to Grand Rapids tonight, so pray for us driving in this mess. We’ll see you again soon.

The Roadshow – Madison, WI

What can we say Madison. You guys filled up the place. We heard security was turning away cars in the parking lot, so if you didn’t make it in we’re sorry. For those of you that made it in, you people were LOUD. There’s nothing quite like hearing that many people singing together to the Lord. Simply amazing.

Thanks for raising the bar for best crowd on the tour. Madison, we’ll see you next time.