Hoover Dam

Tonight we were in Las Vegas so a couple of us decided to hop on the scooters and see what we could find.  30 miles later we were at Hoover Dam.  Now, these scooters only go about 35 miles per hour so it was quite a trip in the desert, but absolutely worth it.

The show tonight went great. An outside show that started in the afternoon, but really cool to mix things up. Thanks for showing up and singing loud with us. We’ve got some days off coming up so we’re all headed home to see our families. Thanks for making for a great day Vegas.

Las Vegas Car Makeover

Earlier today we had the opportunity to be a part of a ‘car makeover’ for a local Las Vegas woman. Recently laid off from her job and her car was in really bad shape so in partnership with SOS Radio, and a local mechanic shop, her car was able to be completely fixed up and detailed.  Thanks SOS for letting us be a part of Loving Well in Las Vegas.