The Hurt & The Healer on iTunes!

Today’s the day! The Hurt & The Healer – Single is officially available on iTunes. Here’ what we’d love. If you could head over to iTunes and get “The Hurt & The Healer – Single” and let us know what you think by rating the song right there on iTunes…. Unless you don’t like it… then just keep that to yourself.


Kind of.

Seriously, just go get it.

A Crazy 2010

Man, what a year it has been.  2010 has been an absolute blast and we couldn’t have done a lot of this stuff without you.  With the release of The Generous Mr. Lovewell”, The Rock & Worship Roadshow, a crazy Summer of touring into a Fall tour with Phil Wickham and on top of that winning an American Music Award, “All Of Creation” being named BillBoard’s Top Christian Song of 2010 and now iTunes naming it their top song as well, it’s been absolutely mind blowing.

We’re gearing up and looking forward to an awesome 2011.  More touring, talk of a corporate worship record and a possible Mr. Lovewell book, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.  Once again, we couldn’t thank you enough for this community that has gathered here on this blog.  We love interacting with you.  We love your support and we look forward to a great year.

Happy 2011 everyone.  We’ll see you soon.

International iTunes Update

We have some good news for all of MercyMe’s international fans who have been unable to download MercyMe’s music on iTunes . The issue has finally been resolved and MercyMe’s music will be listed on all iTunes sites in its entirety by November 9th, but some of the songs and albums are already up on certain sites. We apologize for this happening and hope that you will visit your iTunes site to check out the music you have been missing.

Happy ‘Lovewell’ Day

Today’s the day!  The official release day of ‘The Generous Mr. Lovewell’.  We’ve been waiting a long time for this day and appreciate all the kind words that some of you have already said about the record.  And now, for a couple items of business to address.

First, with the potential of debuting this record at #1 we’ve decided that if that happens we’ll give away a new song.  And by new song, we mean one that you have never heard.  It’s a win-win right?

Second, if you’re looking around you’ll notice the very brand new  We’re still getting a few things organized, but take the time to look around and let us know what you think.

Another thing we’d like to draw your attention to is the new  We came up with a crazy idea and figured you were just the folks to pull it off. We are looking for evidence of people loving well! In other words we want pictures of people going above and beyond to make someone’s day. For example, tip your waiter or waitress more than usual and leave them a note simply saying “love well”… take a picture of the note with your cell phone and send it to us. Another example you ask? Go to a coffee shop and buy a stranger’s coffee, and have the place write “love well” on the cup and take a picture of it!  Our record label asked us to come up with some type of marketing plan for all of our web buddies, so we thought doing something that makes people smile would be way more fun  Our goal is to post a ton of photos that could hopefully motivate more and more people to love well. So get out there and start making someone’s day, then head to and share your story.

I think that’s about it for now.  We’d love to know what you all think of the new record too.  Don’t forget to use the tag #ThanksLovewell if you Tweet about the record.

Happy release day!

Pre-Order ‘Lovewell’ On iTunes NOW!

If you haven’t heard, ‘The Generous Mr. Lovewell’ is available to pre-order on iTunes.  What does that mean for you?  That means that right now you can head over to iTunes and pre-order ‘The Generous Mr. Lovewell’ and on May 4th a full copy will be available for download directly into your iTunes.  Along with the full record, you will also receive a video from the studio.  For more details and to hear a sample of each song, visit iTunes now.

So, we’re curious, who’s pre-ordered the record?

‘All Of Creation’ Available Tomorrow!

‘All Of Creation’ is officially available tomorrow on iTunes.  It’s time to start spreading the word.  And in case you missed it on Twitter, Bart said this:

If “All of Creation” sells 1 billion downloads tomorrow, @mikescheuchzer will wear a dress 4 the whole @TheRoadshow.

And for those of you on Twitter, everyone use the tag #AllOfCreation tomorrow and let’s see if we can get it going. Come back here tomorrow for the link.

Got 10?


People of the land.  What puts the “Mac” in TobyMac? What puts the “Sting” in Casting Crowns? What puts the “Owder” in David Crowder Band?  And what puts the “Saint” in Rebecca St. James?  They all have one thing in common.  They have all heard at least one song from our greatest hits record “10”… surely at least one.  And you can too.  It’s available on iTunes now!

Go get it.