Muncie, IN

Indiana.  You people are awesome.  Hey, we wanted to do something a little different tonight and recognize the folks at the show that are on Twitter.  Now, you guys know that we love the Twitter and spend a great deal of time there.  When you guys talk to us, we are most definitely paying attention.  So here’s a few folks from the show tonight that we’d like to simply say ‘Thanks For Coming’ to:

@charcoleen69: @NatalieGrant @brandonheath @mercyme MOST EXCELLENT SHOW TONITE (in the voice of Bill n Ted’s Excellent Adventure)!!

@Kalliecline: @mercyme thank you for the CD! Awesome concert!  Front row orch pit!

@TheStupidZebra: Just finished seeing @mercyme @brandonheath and @nataliegrant . You guys brought the house down, thanks 😉

@Official_AMM: listening to @mercyme :] I love finally home this song is amazing and it’s so inspiring love it!!!

@Angiworld: @brandonheath @mercyme @nataliegrant Such an amazing show! Thank you all for your heart-felt beautiful music

Thanks guys for making tonight a great night.  We’re headed home for a couple days, then we’re in Texas next week.