The Roadshow – Huntsville, AL

Tonight over 1200 people were turned away from The Roadshow because the building was too full.  Huntsville, Alabama we were thrilled to spend the night with you.  You guys were truly a blessing to us.  We’re 2 nights into this thing and couldn’t be happier with the way things are going.  There’s something special about traveling with this many believers all focussed on praising the name of Jesus. Thanks for being a part of that tonight Huntsville.

Indy, we’re coming for you.  Let’s fill that place up tomorrow.

To Huntsville… And Beyond

Yesterday we had the amazing opportunity for several of us to take a tour of Huntsville’s Space Camp. A hefty group of us were given a tour around all the different sections of the property, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t break anything, so an all around good day. Huntsville’s Channel 48 News decided to come along for the tour and actually put a microphone on Bart the whole day.

We’re all pretty much history/space nerds at heart so getting the opportunity to walk around and actually see some of these things that are a part of history is truly something special.  Thanks so much to the folks over there that put up with us all day and managed to not throw us out or anything.

And since we weren’t sure that anyone would believe us when we said we were friends with the guys in TFK we got a picture to prove it.