“You Are I Am” Guests Posts

We’ve gotten several great Guest Posts reviewing our new single “You Are I Am”.  Here’s a couple to start and we’ll post some more later this week.  If you want to review the song either in Text or Video, send it to mercyme@skorinc.com and we’ll check it out. We’d really love to see some videos, if you’ve got it in you. Just send the YouTube link to that same email address.  Thanks Tracey, Deborah, Kim & Susan for kicking things off. Let’s hear some more.


A song that takes us to our knees, right where we belong…. but doesn’t leave us there. The shame expressed in the lyrics, the openness to admit our deepest flaws laid out before our Heavenly Father leaves us exposed, yet in the very next moment reminds us who we live for…. Lifting high our hands and face…focusing on a God who breaths life into death. Sin surrounds us but doesn’t have to consume us… This song redirects our selfish thoughts straight up into the possibilities of what God will do with a willing heart.

As the lyrics take your mind places you, no doubt, have surly been before, the chord progression and drum patterns take your soul. The deep desperation that the drums convey in the verses makes us feel emotionally weighted down and crushed under our unworthiness.. While the background vocals are the sound of hope rising! Not only do we have hope in Him, He has placed hope in us… The one, the very same one who brought the Son back to life! HALLELUJAH!!!

Tracey Fitzgerald
Elmira, NY


I think this song will relate to a lot of people, lyrically, because these are thoughts and feelings we all have. It’s easy to get frustrated with things in life, and you feel alone. This song is very inspiring because it sings the truth – we are not alone, we are never alone. No matter how bad things may seem, we always have Him. And to take our faith, our hopes, our fate and put it right in His hands, and we will be OK. My favorite line “Hallelujah, He lives in me”. Wow, Yes, He does! He does, and I am confident that He will be there to pull me up when things in life knock me down.

Musically, beautiful song, flows nicely, catchy. Singing, is, as always, lovely…at times, makes your heart skip a beat. But for me, the grabber was those drums. Good stuff there, strong and solid and gives the song a nice little “edge”. Strong and solid, like my heart beating for the Lord. He lives in me.

Deborah Tempalsky


“You Are I Am” by MercyMe not only attracts you to listen because of the music, but the lyrics are powerful! Every day, we as Christ followers strive to reflect the light of Christ, but we tend to get distracted. This song provides a great reminder of who God is, and what He has done, and that He lives in us. Wow!  He was, and is, and is yet to come and He does not change! Not only that, but His love for me cannot be shaken, no matter what the enemy may be whispering to me.

I have no doubt that hearing this pop up on my iPod or on the radio in the middle of the day will encourage me to keep my focus on Christ. We are in a daily battle, but the war has been won. It is finished. Occasionally, I need a reminder of that in the midst of a hectic day. I can see myself  just  raising my hands, raising my voice and praising Him with all I’ve got while singing along.

Kim McClure


I saw you guys in concert in Canada in May 2012 for The Hurt & The Healer Tour. At the time I had no idea what the days to come would be like for me. On May 14 I quit my job, the very next day I fell and broke my ribs and the days there after were filled with uncertainty and fear and a lot of emotion. My best friend, who I attended your concert with, and I were no longer speaking and I was trying to pack my things up to move. It truly felt like the bottom fell out of my world and I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. What did I do so bad? Was I saw far out of reach of everyone including Jesus? I had never felt so completely alone. I cried for hours and begged for mercy. I swallowed my pride and reached out to my friends and asked for their help. They did. In that moment I knew I did something right. When the dust started to settle I reached out for my Bible and began to read and it felt wrong somehow… forced and hollow. I sat it down and walked away but when I came back, the pages had flipped to a different chapter. When I picked it up and began to read again it said .. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart … and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” In that moment I surrendered completely to our merciful savior. In the background I could hear You are I AM start playing on my iPhone and the tears streamed down my face. I had been so caught up in the emotions and selfishness I overlooked the Lord. It wasn’t about me, He was teaching me a lesson .. the lesson was that He will never leave me and I am never alone… That the one and only one that could save me was there all along and I didn’t ask for His help. The lyrics of You are I AM echoed through my head ..I felt all of those emotions, all of those feelings .. I was there and lived it. Once I trusted in Him completely He showed me He is “The One that conquers giants, and the One who calls out kings..”. I began to pray instantly asking for His forgiveness. The veil was torn and I lived with the spirit in me and my life blew wide open. I had a roof over my head, a job I love fell at my feet, I went back to church, I found my life and my voice again. I have peace in my heart and I am grateful for this second chance.

Your song beautifully spoke my feelings and emotions when I couldn’t find the words. Your music gives me hope that someone else will hear or find their truth in your songs. You Are I AM helped me to find mine. Keep doing what you are doing guys. I know you reach thousands and thousands of people world wide. I just happen to be one of them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I know this doesn’t seem like much of a review, but it’s my truth and if it helps one other person find the strength to let go then I have done my part.

Susan Ogden

“You Are I Am” Review – A Chance To Guest Blog

Here’s a quick description from us of our new single “You Are I Am” from The Hurt & The Healer. We thought we’d do things a little differently this time. Rather than using this website to tell you what we think of the song, we decided we’d like to hear from you.

We’d to offer our website to a few “Guest Bloggers” to do reviews of the song. If you’d like to review the song and guest blog right here on MercyMe.org, write up your review and send it to mercyme@skorinc.com. You can even do a video review of the song and send a link to YouTube or Vimeo to that same address. We’ll check them out and post them on the site.

Sound fun?