Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan, you know how to host a party. Tonight was nothing short of fantastic. The place was packed, you guys sang your hearts out and we had a blast. Thanks for making this a place we look forward to coming to every year.

We’re still making a few tweaks to the set so, if you came to the show tonight let us know what your favorite part was in the comments. We’re already having a blast on this tour and we’ve only just begun.

Grand Rapids, MI

Man, look at that pic of Barry bringing the ROCK!!

When they ask us where The Roadshow should come next year, we’ll have to make sure that Grand Rapids makes this list. You guys were awesome tonight and we had an absolute blast. One of the things we love the most is hearing the crowd sing and you guys sounded amazing tonight.

We’re on the bus headed for Ft. Wayne right now. Looking forward to another great night.