Kate Diann Bryson

Kate Diann Bryson. Our little “Lovewell” baby. Thanks so much to everyone for the prayers and acts of lovewell shown to us during Misti’s 7 months of bed rest. You really ministered to our family.

Born 5-13-10 6lbs 9 oz. 20 1/2″

Happy Birth-O-Ween!!!!!

Bart’s wife Shannon had a surprise costume birthday party last night. These were our costumes.
A Cochran Gothic

The Incredible Shaffers

The Scheu-Man Group

Misti Swift and Kanye Bryson

Phantom of the Grauls… and yes, he painted on hair.

Sing it with me…. Millards… Meet the Millards…

Asleep At The Wheel


This is Charlie. Charlie stole Gracie’s Jeep while she wasn’t looking. While trying to make a getaway, he fell asleep at the wheel. He really did. He actually drove in circles for quite sometime in this position before Mommy stopped the car. The moral of the story is…get a full night’s sleep before committing a crime.

Last Stop!


Bastrop, LA…. Just in time to catch Caleb’s little league game. We’ll spend a night with the cousin’s then off to G-Ville we go!!!!

Back In The South


We’re driving thru Alabama on our way to our nephew’s baseball game. It’s been a crazy few days….not much sleep and we need a break from this RV in a bad way. Loved the trip, but TX to Maine and back in 10 days was a bit