Barry And His DR Buddy…


Hey all…I was just going through some old pics in my iPhoto and I came across our trip to the Dominican Republic, and this picture. I think that maybe he was Barry’s long lost uncle, or maybe this is just two guys chillin’ on a park bench, either way….thought you’d all enjoy it. If you felt like adding a caption as to what these two could be talking about, feel free.

I like to think they were talking about the current economic climate…. or sharing recipes for making the best homemade granola… or maybe this guy is just staring Barry down and wishing he had a cool black t-shirt instead of having put on a pink shirt this morning.

What do you think?


Jose’ Can You See?????

Today we met Jose’ Miguel…
He is the Compassion child that Mercyme has recently started to support. We all individually have supported Compassion kids for years, but in this new phase of MM and Imagine a Cure’s connection with Compassion, we thought it would be awesome support a child with special medical needs. Well today we got to meet him, and you can tell from the picture, he fits right in with us!!! This kid is hysterical…he loves to laugh…mostly at me. We were asking him what he like to do, and he said play baseball and a cricket like game that the kids here have made up. I said I’m not very good at sports, and he said…” you’re like a little baby….hahahaha” So my name is now Ninero Loco, which we thought meant crazy baby, but in fact means crazy babysitter….who knew?!?!?!

Please pray for Jose’ and his family…between he and his 6 brothers and sisters and his Grandmother and step mother, there is bed in the house. We hope to rectify that as soon as possible, but this is only 1 of MANY needs in this community. Pray that Jose’ and his family will all come to know Christ as savior, and be a light in their village!!!!