Dallas, TX

Dallas Texas. Well one thing is for sure. Everything is bigger in Texas, and you guys are no exception. We had a SOLD OUT crowd and you people were as loud as we’ve ever heard. What an amazing night to capture on video.

We had all kinds of family at the show last night and you guys made us proud to call Texas home. We’ll be back again next year for sure. Thanks for making it such a memorable night.

The Roadshow – Dallas, TX

Dallas. Hometown show. You guys delivered.  We look forward to this show every year and tonight you showed us why.  We had some church tonight.  You guys sang beautifully.  There’s something magical about playing in Dallas.  We grew up dreaming of playing here and tonight you were a part of that dream.

Thanks for making this a memorable Roadshow evening.

Dallas, TX

Oh my Dallas. You guys were awesome. We ABSOLUTELY love playing our home town and have been looking forward to tonight all year. You guys did not disappoint. We spent most of the day with our families and at our houses, and the show felt like a huge family night. Thanks for making the final Roadshow show a memorable one.

We’ve got one more show this week and then we’ll be home for a couple days. Sedalia, get ready. We’re coming for you.

Dallas, TX

There’s nothing like it in the world. Hearing almost 15,000 Believers lifting their voices in worship. Thanks for letting us be a part of that last night Dallas.