Sacramento, CA

16,400 people.  Sacramento.  You guys were insane!  There’s big, loud crowds and then there’s Sacramento.  You people know how to party.  We had an unbelievable time last night in your city.  Thanks for having us out.  We got there late so we had to rush to get things set up, but you people made it worth it.

I was talking to a parking lot attendant and he said he’d worked there for almost 20 years and he’d never seen so many people show up for an event.  So many people that they had to shut down the parking lot even.  Sounds like Sacramento is a good home for The Roadshow for years to come.  If there were ever a perfect evening, Sacramento, you guys were a part of it.

Thanks again, we will see you next year.

Fresno, CA

Fresno, we’ve been waiting a year for this night and you guys did not disappoint.  This was easily the loudest crowd of the tour.  Over 10,000 of you showed up and you showed up to rock and worship.  Amazing night.  We can’t thank you enough.  Sacramento, you’re next.