My Dream

Everyone should have a dream. I have a dream. To own a major league baseball team. Not just any team…no, no… I want to bring back the Greenville Majors.

Greenville, my hometown, used to have a team back in the 40’s and 50’s, I believe. Their claim to fame was defeating the mighty New York Yankees who were touring the U.S. to promote baseball. The gates in this picture are all that is left of that era.  How awesome it would be to bring that back?

Like I said, everyone needs a dream.  What’s yours?

Rangers Game

So we went to the Rangers game the other night and took some video footage along the way. Here is a quick video that my wife put together that showcases how funny my son Levi gets when he watches baseball. Enjoy.


Day Off In Baltimore

So today is our day off in Baltimore, and while walking to the downtown harbor, we noticed people in line for an anime convention. Sounds like a perfect photo op. Ninjas rule!

Ok so I understand saying a little prayer for your favorite team, but now the bar has been officially raised! The Orioles are officially off my prayer list. Kidding of course. GO RANGERS!