Memphis, TN

Every night during “Alright” in our set the rest of the tour knows that it’s time to dance. Because tonight was the last night of the tour that means there needed to be some serious dancing that went down. Here’s a quick little video of the entire tour breaking it down with us in Memphis.

Thanks to everyone who made this a memorable tour. We had a blast with all the bands that were out here, and with everyone who came out to spend their time with us. We’ve got a lot more coming your way including The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2012 and also the very first Rock & Worship Boatshow. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

“Alright” In Wichita, KS

We had a blast tonight in Wichita. Look at these dancers. Especially the guy in the white shirt. Yeah, you see him. Talk about gettin down. We loved spending the night with you guys. Thanks for making Wichita one of the best nights of the tour. You’re going to be hard to beat.

Lovewell Live 2011

Well, the Lovewell Live 2011 Tour is officially over. We had an absolute blast with Natalie and Brandon. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and those that followed this thing online.

Here’s a clip of from tonight’s show. Every night we had a special treat on the side of the stage. Our video guy Jeff would dance so we were the only one’s that could see him. Tonight we had the chance to video this magical moment in the night. We hope you enjoy.

Thanks again. We’ll do it again sometime real soon!

“Alright” Dance Off

Today we decided to dare each other to do a specific dance at the beginning of “Alright” during our set. Anyone who didn’t do their dance would owe the other guys their per-diem for the week. Above is what happened. We’ll let you be the judge if everyone did their parts. What do you think?