Table Art

Got a favorite?

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12 comments on “Table Art

  1. I think Robby’s art is the best. It is astetically pleasing, and he seems to be drinking ice tea, which is another plus.

    Nathan’s art is a little frightening. I don’t know what is going on there.

  2. haha…I sympathize with Mike…that looks like my art!!! But who doesn’t love the giant mouse? that’s my favorite. But Bart has some talent.

  3. You guys must be really bored?? They are all cute however the most talented (should it be most adult like) artist is …. Drum roll….. Bart! The rest look like your children did them. Maybe you guys should get some tips from Sam??

  4. Bart – Solid effort. Great old red man.

    Mike – Good. Simply understated stick man.

    Nathan and Barry – Disturbing. All I can say.

    Robby – Very sweet. Who doesn’t love that lovable mouse?

    Jim – Just one question… why did the chicken cross the racetrack?


  5. Bart – Not bad and the odd thing is he looks familiar to me.

    Mike – I like the stick man, that’s the kind of art I would do.

    Nathan – Uh, interesting.

    Barry – Scary, the bloodshot eye and the teeth are about to poke the nose.

    Robby – That’s a sweet little Mickey.

    Jim – Like the car and especially the hand chicken. (By the way, did they ever find your Expedition?)

    The Macaroni Grill has the paper on the table so the children can draw on it while they are eating.

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