Shooting Guns With MercyMe

Today we had the chance to go to a shooting range with our merch guy, Marlon’s brother who happens to be a U.S Marshall. If this music thing doesn’t work out we might have a chance at some sort of law enforcement…. or cowboys.

10 comments on “Shooting Guns With MercyMe

  1. That looks like a lot of fun. In a safe way of course ;) When I was a kid my dad was part of a gun club that shot bowling pins for contest. My mom and I had a .22 that was ‘ours’. I always enjoyed shooting. I haven’t done it in years though. Some of us ladies from church talked about going once. As I recall our husbands nixed that idea.

  2. ok, who gave the children guns? Hehe Seriously, thanks for sharing and I know that US Marshall taught you all the rules, so no worries.

  3. This video is pretty sweet! My dad has taken me out shooting before…so fun! But I think my favorite part was the song..haven’t heard it years! Brings back memories of the 90’s and all those fabulous Carmen concerts :-)

  4. Nice video guys…The next time you come to Plymouth, MI we can shoot skeet, trap or five-stand clays right down the street from the venue you played last month (Northridge Church). I can see it now: ‘MercyMe Tweet & Greet…we are at the gun club for the next hour shooting clays…None of those sissy coffee shop t&g’s anymore!’

    ps. What on God’s earth was Jim shooting in the end of this video?

  5. It’s been ages since I’ve heard any Carman song, much less that one. And I laughed at the appropriateness of it. :P

    How did y’all do at hittin’ the targets? :)

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