Sacramento, CA

16,400 people.  Sacramento.  You guys were insane!  There’s big, loud crowds and then there’s Sacramento.  You people know how to party.  We had an unbelievable time last night in your city.  Thanks for having us out.  We got there late so we had to rush to get things set up, but you people made it worth it.

I was talking to a parking lot attendant and he said he’d worked there for almost 20 years and he’d never seen so many people show up for an event.  So many people that they had to shut down the parking lot even.  Sounds like Sacramento is a good home for The Roadshow for years to come.  If there were ever a perfect evening, Sacramento, you guys were a part of it.

Thanks again, we will see you next year.

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for coming! We took 7 kids, ranging from 8-12years old and they had a blast! (Many of them girls…thanks, Bart, for your words of encouragement to them). It’s so fun to watch the next generation excited about worshipping the Lord, and it was through you that they (we) were able to do that. We are from a small town where not much happens, but were able to drive 120 miles to see 6 bands all at the same time! I’m so glad the Rock and Worship Roadshow plans on returning to Sacramento in the years to come, because we certainly do! God bless you and thank you for sacrificing time with your families to bless us!

  • So, PowerArcoBalanceBall ArenaPavillion was a pretty good place to go party, eh? 🙂
    I had fun last night! Thanks for bringing it!
    I could barely stay awake at church this morning, though 🙂

  • tlane

    So amazing…. Bart of Mercy Me not only rocks the house, but he brings the Lord’s message!!! Praise the Lord! My daughter 15 was in attendence with me and her brother and Bart conveyed a great message of God’s Love to my little girl!!!!! To not only love herself but to love others JOIN WITH YOUR OWN CHILD TO SPONSOR A CHILD WITH COMPASSION!!!! THANK YOU MERCY ME

  • BillE

    To all of you in Mercy Me, you guys are awesome and even though I’m 63 and my wife is 60 we have loved you guys for a long time and that’s why we went last night to Sacramento. Your message Bart was amazing and my favorite song Imagine brought tears to our eyes. We love you and thank you for the sacrifices you make being away from your families. God Bless you!