In case you’ve somehow missed it, we’ve switched up the pre-order a little.  Currently if you pre-order the record you can immediately download the newest single “All Of Creation” as well as another song from the record called “Move”.

We’re playing both of these songs LIVE on The Roadshow every night, so make sure to come out, or catch it online at

Let’s start a list.  Who’s pre-ordered?

5 comments on “Pre-Order

  1. I did :) I am not sure how to get the second song ‘Move” as it was not available when I ordered the CD. Can you direct me?

  2. I pre-ordered (pak #2, Friday, 22) I have not recived the 2 songs yet. Do they get meiled to you or what? also, does the tote bag & wristband not come til May, 4?

  3. Hi Guys. I bought your cd and the exclusive download card Mr. Lovewell at the awesome concert in Las Vegas.. Well I went to download the all creation song and it played but it did not save to my computer. Will I be able to re download it tomorrow when I should be able to get the rest of the cd.. If not I will just go buy it… You are all so worth it. Thanks.

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